Denim Overall

I always wanted an overall, brings me back memories from my childhood because they used to be my mom’s favorite piece for me to wear, that’s why, after searching for the perfect one

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Sydney Opera House

The MUST place when you go to Sydney is obviously the Opera House, is in the bucket list for travel and architecture lovers and because I am both, just imagine my emotion when  in my first week there, my  dear friend told me “turn around”

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JuanGO 20

I am 20!!!! Cannot believe it!! Last wednesday August 10th was my birthday and because it was a terrible day for celebrating with a party, I took some of my friends to clubbin’ last friday night

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Back to class

Is this time of the year again, after too much traveling (although is never too much) university is calling, this was my first week of a brand new crazy semester

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Colombiamoda SS17

This fashion fair that shows some of the best brands from Colombia is also place of sales, business, workshops and more. In the few years I have been following it, I have noticed a huge development, not just in the way is organized, but also the respect that has gotten, something that benefits not just the fair, […]

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